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The mission of the Canadian Home Economics Foundation is to provide improved quality of life to families and individuals in Canada by providing financial assistance to home economics professionals in carrying out home economics research, developing educational tools, and in conducting public service projects, and to support post-secondary education related to the home economics profession.

Calls for Proposals:

Calls for Proposals:

Upcoming deadlines for proposals:

Designated Funds:

January 31, 2019    -  Consumer Information and Dissemination

                                       (Gwenyth Bailey Simpson) Award

February 28, 2019   - Leadership Development (Doris Badir) Award


March 21, 2019         - International Development Project

                                        (Engberg-Fewster) Award

General Funds:

April 30, 2019            - Dr. Elizabeth Feniak Award for Excellence in

                                        Technical Writing (students)

Click on Grants and Awards for details and criteria for each fund.

                                     Congratulations to:

Lauren Degenstein, University of Alberta; winner of the 2018 Dr. Elizabeth Feniak Award for Excellence in Technical Writing (undergraduate category).

Lauren's winning paper was: 'Biodegradable vs. Non-Biodegradable Textiles: Environmental Impacts Under Standard Landfill Conditions'.

Leigh Merotto, Ryerson University; 2018 winner of the Dr. Elizabeth Feniak Award for Excellence in Technical writing (graduate category).

Leigh's paper was 'The environmental impact of open-net salmon farming: A critical review and recommendations for policy in Canada'.

Announcing:  Canadian Symposium XV

The 15th Canadian Symposium for Home Economics will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia at the University of British Columbia from February 22-24, 2019. The theme of this symposium is Transformative Practice, Ecology and Everyday Life. Visit the website at Canadian Symposium to read more about the symposium and for proceedings of past events..


Upcoming Executive Meetings to consider proposals :

February 28, 2019 -    Applications for grants should be received by

                                        February 21,2019. Time sensitive applications

                                        may be reviewed earlier.

                                        Contact for more information.


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