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The Gwen E. Leslie Memorial Lecture Grant


Gwen E. Leslie, a 1955 graduate of the University of Manitoba, worked as a home economist for 30 years. For 12 years, from 1975 until her death in December 1985, she was Regional Consultant, Educational Services (Central Region), with the Health Protection Branch of Health and Welfare Canada in Winnipeg and active in home economics associations locally, provincially and nationally. She counted many home economists among her friends.

Following her death, members of Gwen’s family wished to perpetuate her association with public education in her professional field. Full Bio. They funded an annual lecture to take place at the CHEA conference. It is administered by the Canadian Home Economics Foundation (CHEF). Since the dissolution of CHEA in December 2003, the lecture sites have been changed and more than one lecture may be held annually.



* The Gwen E. Leslie Memorial Lecture is to take the form of a plenary lecture/presentation. Any home economics association or post-secondary educational institution in Canada may apply. Total grant funding available each year for the lecture(s) is $3,000.

* The local conference committee is to plan the lecture content: topic, speaker(s) and budget. The CHE Foundation may be contacted for suggestions or comments prior to sending the proposal/application. A written proposal, including the details listed in “APPLICATION” below, must be sent to the CHE Foundation for consideration and funding approval prior to confirming with speaker(s) and printing the conference program. [Contact a CHE Foundation Trustee for meeting dates.]

* The session topic must be related to a current health protection issue (food, health, nutrition, safety, drugs). The speaker(s) would preferably have a national reputation.

* The session must be open to the public at no charge. A local contact person (a local CHE Foundation trustee, if available) will be identified to take reservations from the public and to assist with publicity for the lecture. Invitations to attend will be sent by the CHE Foundation to a variety of groups^, with assistance in preparing a specific listing of names/organizations/fax numbers/mailing addresses from the publicity committee of the conference. Details for the invitations must be sent to the CHE Foundation on request, at least 60 days prior to the session. ^including the Class of 1955; the Leslie family, local donors/home economists.

* The conference program details for the session must acknowledge the Gwen E. Leslie Memorial Lecture Fund of the Canadian Home Economics Foundation as sponsor. The Canadian Home Economics Foundation must be listed as a sponsor in the appropriate category.

* Brochure: A brochure will be prepared and printed by the CHE Foundation for distribution at the session. Information required for the brochure must be sent to the CHE Foundation, on request, at least 60 days prior to the session.

* The chair for the session must acknowledge the support provided by the CHE Foundation. (The conference committee is responsible for the chair.) A representative of the CHE Foundation Board of Trustees will give a brief greeting and introduction about the Foundation and the Lecture, and a brief tribute to Gwen Leslie will be given prior to the lecture. The CHE Foundation will arrange for someone to give the tribute immediately preceding the introduction of the presentation speaker.



Complete the General Application Form with specific details as directed.

Application Form

* Send by e-mail to: Include name, address, telephone/fax numbers, e-mail address of conference committee contact person, as well the deadline date for response for confirmation/publication. The proposal will be considered and response sent as soon as possible following receipt of application.



Payment for sponsorship of the session is generally provided following the conference. Send an itemized invoice (actual costs), together with copies of receipts, if available, to Gail Watson, Treasurer, CHE Foundation, 3807 Vialoux Drive, Winnipeg, MB  R3R 0A5.


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