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Home Economics Associations


Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association [THESA]

Alberta Home Economics and Human Ecology Association [AHEA]

Saskatchewan Home Economics Teachers' Association [SHETA]

Manitoba Association of Home Economists [MAHE]

Also see: Basic Skills for Living

Ontario Family Studies – Home Economics Educators’ Association [OFSHEEA]

Ontario Home Economics Association [OHEA]

New Brunswick Home Economics Association [NBHEA]

Family Studies Teachers Association [FSTA]

Prince Edward Island Home Economics Association [PEIHEA]




American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences [AAFCS]

Home Economics Institute of Australia [HEIA]

International Federation for Home Economics [IFHE]


Financial Forum (includes Financial Forum V proceedings and previous)

Canadian Symposium: Issues and Directions in Home Economics/ Family Studies/ Human Ecology (includes Symposium XIV and previous)





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